Can you lower your chance of Stroke with Vegetables ?

stroke medications, treatment of strokeThe chance of suffering from an ischemic stroke can be reduced by consuming vegetables, research shows. An ischemic stroke can occur when a blood clot blocks the flow of blood to the brain. Symptoms including temporary paralysis can last from a few seconds to a few hours. This is the most common type of stroke that affects the population.

Recent research has shown that diets rich in folate, or folic acid as it is otherwise known as, is an essential component in reducing the chance of stroke. Part of the B vitamin complex, folic acid is required for cardiovascular health as well as prenatal health. Folic acid is abundant in vegetables, particularly green leafy vegetables, beans and beets.

Compared with those people in the study who did not eat as many vegetables, those who had diets rich in vegetables were able to lower their risk by as much as 26 percent! This research shows that eating healthy is the first line of defense in disease prevention.

Since many people are always on the go, they may feel as though it is hard to get the required vegetables in their diet. To supplement active lifestyles, consider adding a diet pill that contains B vitamins in the ingredients. Other non-vegetable sources of B vitamins that are similar to those found in vegetables are energy drinks. Energy drinks that do not disrupt sleep at night nor cause a major energy crash after a spurt of energy can also be a convenient source of stroke fighting vitamins. stroke medications, chance of stroke < align=”right” />

Other than diets rich in vitamins, diets that are rounded out with low fat dairy and lean protein are an excellent way to prevent stroke. Rather than bacon and eggs for breakfast, blending together a whey protein shake. This is also a delicious way to achieve better health.

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By susan patterson
Published: 11/25/2008
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